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One day, in 2019, two young aspiring entrepreneurs came together with a genius idea to build a business for the good of others. Samuel and Amine both did their research in developing a web design business and the right mindset for it. It is until the beginning of 2021 where they felt ready to begin and Cirrus Spark has been growing ever since. Learn more about Cirrus Spark below!


To inspire and empower entrepreneurs

to thrive in the digital world.


Image of Amine Kabene


Entrepreneurship has always been my
passion whether it be by running my
own clothing brand or my own gutter
& windows cleaning business. From a
young age, I learned how to provide
value to my work which is why today I
am more than ready to tackle this new
challenge. I am known as a highly
competitive person so it goes without
saying that my ambition for this
company is to grow it into an empire


Combining my learning experience in
graphic and web design with my work
experience in my house painting
business last year, I know I have the
required knowledge to make this
business grow. I am known as a highly
motivated person who’s always on the
hunt for new challenges. I am a true
believer in the impact of a positive
mindset which is why I’m keeping my
head up for the future of this business!


Risk taking
Risk Taking

Profits and perks belong to those who take risks, not the settlers. Yes you heard it, no reward comes without risk. This is why, at Cirrus spark, we encourage you to take a leap of faith in order to grow the business.


Competition is a driver for innovation and progress. We embrace competition. This idea to surpass yourself repeatedly is thrilling and is the reason why the train never stops.

Quality over quantity
Quality Over Quantity

We value our work and we make sure we deliver our promises. This is why we prioritize quality. Every project we complete is a project that we and our customers can be proud of.


Innovation is our industry and it is what we do full time. Whether it is implementing new features or developing new services, Innovation is what keeps our services relevant and competitive.


We are not the ones who do half the job and quit. We focus on doing exactly what we’re going to say.

Customer satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

We believe in making the customers happy will be a key factor to the company’s growth. This is why our #1 priority will be focusing solving their problems in order to gain their trust. We only conclude the project only once the client is 100% satisfied with their project.


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